Our Projects

In this context, “we” means TANA Foundation (India)

(a) Helping orphanage schools, giving scholarships to poor and other deserving students :

We have identified many Orphanages which are being run very efficiently but not able to provide everything they want to, due to paucity of funds. We would like to support as many orphanages as possible and as a initial stage we want to include at least 10 orphanages which cater to at least 1000 children. We plan to start an endowment of Rs. One Crore which will feed these 1000 children for at least one month every year. We except the cost to be Rs.1000 per child for one month towards food costs and that is how we arrived at the figure.Apart from this we would like to constantly raise money for the physically handicapped children / persons and try to make them more mobile and productive. The costs for these can vary by the requirement of each individual. It could be a few hundreds to a few thousands. We see many deserving students who are intelligent but not able to continue their higher studies. Some have government subsidies but not enough to cover all the expenses while some don’t get the subsidies at all. We propose to give scholarships to these students to make them intelligent and productive citizens of the country. Each scholarship could be Rs.5000 per year to Rs.15,000 per year depending on the nature of the study.

2014-2015 TANA Foundation Scholarships->Click Here

(b) Help build schools and / or provide school supplies and school furniture.

Many contributors to the sponsor wish to help rebuild the crumbling buildings of schools that they had the privilege to attend. Some schools have buildings but no proper infrastructure or library facilities. Through this project we are hoping to help the schools provide better facilities for the students to excel. Cost for doing these can be from few thousand rupees to a few lakhs depending on the state of these buildings and infrastructure.

(c) Conducting eye camps through nonprofit eye hospitals.

We wish to support many not for profit eye hospitals to conduct free eye camps in which a team of doctors visit the villages and screen the less fortunate people for cataract or other eye ailments. These patients are transported to a base hospital and the surgery is performed and post operative care given and make them productive citizens again. TANA FOUNDATION, USA had been successful in supporting hospitals do approximately 34,000 surgeries till date and we would be continuing the good work. We also propose to help the hospitals in buying new equipment and augment the funds required in conducting these eye camps.

(d) Helping organizations involved with handicapped persons.

We wish to help the handicapped persons by providing them artificial limbs or otherwise helping them to become mobile and be self sufficient rather than dependant on others for their needs. Once this confidence can be built in them, they will be able to earn for themselves and their family. Costs of the artificial limbs can be in thousands of rupees. We would also support financially and otherwise organizations involved in providing surgical and other services / facilities for the disabled.

(e) Contribute towards building community halls, roads, houses, funeral ground shelters etc

Community halls help the citizens to come together, organize a library, perform a marriage etc. By building these halls we will be able to forge unity among the village citizens to some extent and help them have a environment to conduct various congregations.Many contributors to the sponsors wish to build roads and / or houses in memory of their loved ones or build community halls for the benefit of their village or city they grew up with. When loved ones depart, people need to give them decent send off (burial, cremation etc). Unfortunately most of our funeral grounds lack the basic facilities and many are misused also. By building funeral shelters with all facilities we will be able to provide a decent place for performing the services to the departing loved ones.

(f) Providing food for poor people and flood / fire victims, emergency services.

There are many poor people who cannot have two square meals a day. In times of calamities many people lose their entire possessions and homes. Lot of funds are required to provide for food, medical services etc during these calamities. Service would be rendered in both situations.

(g) Taking up house building or other shelters :

Providing roofs for the needy will be undertaken in this activity.

(h) Other general, social, cultural and medical welfare activities, social, cultural, philanthropic and charitable activities.

Conducting periodical camps for Cancer detection, inspecting school children for eye sight or other issues. Many of the contributors to the sponsors, to their alma maters by building libraries, convocation halls, gymnasiums etc. Any other required activity will be undertaken under this wide spectrum.

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